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Candy Making Products

Chocolate Confectionery

Dry, transfer, and dispense hard candy, jelly candy, and chocolates with Remcon products.

Our drying trays resist chips and cracks for long lasting performance. Lightweight design makes for easy handling and they are stackable to reduce storage space. They are also available with solid or ventilated bottoms for accelerated drying.

Our durable FD totes are built tough to last long and transfer materials quickly and effectively. The hopper on these units has a 30-degree slope which allows for easy and complete discharge of dry or pre-wrapped bulk solids. Units fill from the top, discharge from the bottom, and the smooth interior surfaces allow for fast material transfer and easy cleaning.

Durable polyethylene lockers are built to withstand the harshest environments and provide valuable benefits over steel. Our rugged rotomolded construction resists cracking, denting, and offers greater durability than inferior injection-molded counterparts. Unlike metal lockers, the doors close quietly without loud banging. Polyethylene will not rust like steel which makes them perfect for hot, humid, or particulate-free environments. They can be cleaned easily by simply hosing down with soap and water.

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Meet Wilberto Gonzalez

Willy’s job title is Forklift Operator and Floor Supplier. Which is technically true, but more importantly, Willy is our safety and quality guru. He makes sure he minds all the rules of the road (or floor, as the case may be) when driving his forklift, and he makes sure our molding supplies are top-notch and ready to go. He feels the same way about steak, too. He’s not interested unless it’s a top quality grade. Which also makes him the right man for the job, we’d say.