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Meat and Poultry Material Handling Solutions

Meat Poultry

Collect, transfer, and store beef, pork, chicken, and other processed meats safely and easily.

Our FBP bins are a customer favorite. These FDA-compliant, premium polyethylene, flat-bottom bins come with a replaceable 4-way pallet. They are constructed with our exclusively-designed “R” lip with its rounded edges to resist cracking and perform for many years. Our bins are ideal for storage, collection, and transfer of meat and poultry products throughout the processing cycle.

Our easy to clean, FDA-compliant polyethylene pallets have no crevices or holes for contamination to hide. The flat deck surface can be cleaned by simply hosing down with soap and water. Our durable double-wall construction rotomolded pallet resists cracks, dents, and provides better durability and lasts longer than injection-molded or wood versions.  Additionally, our pallets will not leave splinters or nails throughout your facility like wood pallets do. They can also be racked if there is a center support.

Durable polyethylene lockers are built to withstand the harshest environments and provide valuable benefits over steel. Our rugged rotomolded construction resists cracking, denting, and offers greater durability than inferior injection-molded counterparts. Unlike metal lockers, the doors close quietly without loud banging. Polyethylene will not rust like steel which makes them perfect for hot, humid, or particulate-free environments. They can be cleaned easily by simply hosing down with soap and water.

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Meet Ray Guti

Ray is a machine operator who specializes in producing our OEM products. That means every product he makes will be used as a component of a larger assembly by one of our manufacturing partners. Ray takes their trust in his work very seriously. Even more seriously than the care he takes when crafting one of his killer homemade burgers. And, believe us, that is some serious attention to detail. Ray describes himself (and his work) as “awesome.” We agree on all counts, including the burgers.