What is the Mustang Scholars Foundation?

In the military – a “Mustang” is a person, who through incredible effort and discipline, rises from the ranks of enlisted personnel to become a commissioned officer. The Foundation was formed to help high school graduates change their lives on a similar scale. The goal is to help create the role models community leaders of the future by enabling promising students of high character to experience the life changing benefits of higher education in a military environment.

The Mustang Scholars Foundation provides financial support and mentoring to selected students from disadvantaged communities that exhibit the character, intellect, promise and dedication to be a “Mustang” in both life and citizenship and who, otherwise, might not be unable to continue their education. We feel confident that the military environment accelerates the development of the character traits necessary for leadership in business, the community and life.

What is Remcon’s role?

Pete Connors, founder of Remcon, was concerned that many young people had lost hope in the possibility of attaining the “American Dream”. Rather than be overcome with the enormity of the problem, his company joined with other community members to start to attack the problem one child at a time. After 12 years we can proudly say that over 50 young men and women are living a life that they could have barely imagined. We are humbled to be a small part of their future.

Make a Donation

To make a donation or for more information about the scholarship and how to apply, follow the link below.