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Why Remcon Products Last Longer

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1. DESIGN: Every detail is specifically engineered to last

At the time we entered the bin market in 1985, all existing poly combos had a rolled over lip. This lip flexed from collisions with neighboring bins and from swinging doors. The average bin lasted only 12-18 months. Other suppliers were not interested in solving the problem because they saw it as a great opportunity for replacement business. However, we felt that it was a total waste of resources and so we set out to eliminate this Achilles heel.

REMCON SOLUTION: We had a clear understanding of our molding process and the fact that material thickness is always greater in the corners of a rotomolded product. So we designed a special corner at the top lip of the bin to collect a solid lip of more than double the nominal wall thickness for added durability. As an additional design feature, we kept this lip flush with the top panel of the bin so that any impact would be dissipated over a large area and not focused on the rim. These changes drastically reduced bin breakage. We engineer every Remcon product to the same level of detail so it performs flawlessly for many years. Our goal is to design the product so it lasts.

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2. MATERIALS: Superior materials ensure superior products

Rotational molding requires more expensive, special materials that are modified to tolerate the long exposure to high temperatures that are present in our process. Some molders use lower-cost, injection molding grade plastic, or they regrind materials that do not have these modifiers. As a result, their products lack impact strength.

REMCON SOLUTION: We never cut costs on raw materials. We only buy top-quality, virgin polyethylene that is specifically formulated for rotomolding applications. This ensures that the proper additives are there to promote maximum physical properties of the material.

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3. PROCESS: Our unique process optimizes the strength of our products for more durability

You can have the best raw materials available, but if you are not willing to take the time to process the product properly you will not get optimum results. In our “faster is better” world many molders sacrifice quality by rushing their products through the molding oven in order to increase daily output. You won’t notice the difference at first… but the longevity just won’t be there.

REMCON SOLUTION: We never skimp on our manufacturing process. When we cook our products, we ensure each and every unit gets just the right amount of heat for just the right amount of time. This attention to quality ensures that we optimize the strength of the plastic. The result? We make a few less products a day, and they cost a bit more up front, but they last much longer. It is not unusual for our customers to have bins, drums, or totes that are over 15 years old.

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4. COMPONENTS: We never sacrifice quality in our components

Bins with replaceable pallets are only as durable as the hardware that connects them. Many competitors use formed nuts and mild steel bolts that rust, seize, and sometimes dislodge. A hopper with an inferior valve will create problems for the user.

REMCON SOLUTION: For our bins, we developed a component package that mirrors our commitment to top-flight design, materials, and processing. We imbed super tough, forged stainless steel T-nuts in the base of our bins. Then we use stainless steel bolts with Nyloc tabs to firmly attach the pallet in a way that makes it possible for you to replace pallets over time. Our hoppers only use top-quality Iris or slide gate valves. Every component that is part of a Remcon product must be of the highest quality; otherwise we won’t use it because it will affect the performance and longevity of the unit.


As an additional expression of our commitment to quality and attention to detail, we are experts in fit and finish. We trim the flashing off every bin, pallet, drum, tote, etc., and flame-polish the surface to provide you with the smoothest, easiest to clean surface possible. We are proud of how our products perform and how they look. We believe you will be, too. From the beginning, we have understood that longevity is the best economy. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to molding the most durable material handling products in the industry. Remcon products may cost you more up front, but because they last so long they are a much better value than cheaper competitive products that need replacing frequently.