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Remcon Plastics

Protect people and property with highly visible, long-lasting plastic safety barrier and barricade systems. You get these features in every Remcon Plastic Safety Barrier:

  • Durable 100% virgin polyethylene construction stands up to harsh weather conditions and resists cracks and dents upon impact.
  • High resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation means the product stays in service longer.
  • Bright colors improve safety and are easier to see than concrete or wood.
  • Lightweight design makes handling easy.

Not sure what you need? See our Barrier Buyer’s Guide

Our Barrier Buyer’s Guide can help you determine the Remcon solution best suited to your needs.


José Garcia

The production of each and every Remcon product starts with José. He is the prime mixer—mixing the colors to exact specifications for each product, and managing material handling for the whole plant. José takes the time to do his job conscientiously and consistently because he believes that to get respect—whether from your coworkers, your management or your customers—you have to earn it. His father taught him that, and now he’s passing the same lesson on to his daughters.

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