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Remcon Plastics

The longest lasting, most durable polyethylene material handling bins in the industry available in 7 different styles with features to meet diverse and demanding applications.

You get these features in every Remcon Bin:

  • 100% virgin polyethylene construction adds impact  resistance for maximum strength.
  • Exclusively-designed “R” lip and rounded edges resist cracking for greater durability.
  • Nestable design reduces storage space and shipping costs to save you money.
  • Smooth interior surfaces are easy to clean and allow for fast material transfer.
  • Made with FDA compliant polyethylene and pigments for safe use in regulated industries.
  • Wide variety of options allows you to customize your bin exactly as you want it.

Industrial Material Handling Bins

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Not sure what you need? See our Bin Buyer’s Guide

Our Bin Buyer’s Guide can help you determine the Remcon solution best suited to your needs.


Raul Villarreal

Pallets and dumpsters are Raul’s passion. Which might seem strange until you find out that he’s a Remcon machine operator who specializes in making these two products. Raul is also a movie buff, which is why it doesn’t surprise any of us when he throws out an occasional classic line like, “You talkin’ to me?” or “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” In fact, Raul is so diligent about producing high-quality products for our customers, his favorite movie quote should really be, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

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