SD Poly Drum Series

Product Details

The toughest polyethylene drums and batch cans made to safely handle solid materials and eliminate the need for continual reordering of inferior quality drums.

  • Snap-on style lid included.
  • 100% virgin polyethylene construction adds impact resistance for maximum strength.
  • Rotomolded construction resists cracking and provides greater durability than inferior injection or blow-molded counterparts.
  • Nestable design reduces storage space and shipping costs to save you money.
  • Dust-free, smooth interior surfaces allow for worry-free sanitation and fast material transfer.
  • Made with FDA compliant polyethylene and pigments for safe use in regulated industries.
  • Unlike fiber or steel drums these units will not produce dust or rust contamination.

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  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Graphics (MOGs)
  • Stenciling

Industrial Poly Drums Capacity
Width (in) Length (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs) Pricing
SD-20 Drum and Snap-On Lid 20 13.375 16.5 28 15 Request Quote

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MD Plastic Tote

What you see is NOT always what you get. Rotomolded drums last longer than other drums. That saves you money in the long run.

There are three practical molding methods for making plastic drums. They include:

  • injection molding
  • blow molding
  • rotational molding

If you are looking for a durable product that takes abuse and lasts a long time, rotationally molded drums offer the best return on investment. Click here to read how Remcon rotationally molded drums save you money.