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FBPW Industrial Plastic Bin Series

FBPW Series Bins FBPW-45 FBPW Series Bins FBPW-45 FBPW-45

FBPW Industrial Plastic Bin Series

Pallet and bin are welded together to eliminate cavities making this our most hygienic of our easy to clean, long-lasting, replaceable pallet, flat-bottom bins.

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Standard Colors: ( $0 upcharge )

Gray Natural Blue Green Yellow

Premium Colors: ( $195 set-up charge )

Royal Blue Emerald Green Red Brown Orange Tan Light Blue

Special Colors: ( $295 set-up charge )

Black Purple Maroon Pink Teal Powder Blue Ruby Red Beige Print Color Chart
Options Center

Need Other Options? Want to customize this item? We can help you. Many options are available. Visit the Options Center

Options Center

Need Other Options? Want to customize this item? We can help you. Many options are available. Visit the Options Center

Industrial Material Handling Bins Capacity (gals) Width (in) Length (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs) Pricing
FBPW-30 Bin and Pallet 190 44 48 30.5 132 Request Quote
FBPW-36 Bin and Pallet 225 44 48 36 142 Request Quote
FBPW-38 Bin and Pallet 227 44 48 38 147 Request Quote
FBPW-42 Bin and Pallet 277 44 48 42 157 Request Quote
FBPW-45 Bin and Pallet 300 44 48 45 162 Request Quote
FBPW-56 Bin and Pallet 375 44 48 56 172 Request Quote
FBPW-GL Bin and Pallet 235 41 47 38 132 Request Quote
Accessories Weight (lbs) Pricing
FBP/FBPW Universal Pallet 40 Request Quote
FBP/FBPW/TRP/RBP/BSP Universal Lid 45 Request Quote
GL Size Only Pallet 35 Request Quote
GL Size Only Lid 40 Request Quote

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Product Details

The longest lasting, most durable polyethylene material handling bins in the industry.

  • Flat interior bottom.
  • Two piece construction with replaceable attached four-way pallet.
  • Welded pallet requires special training to replace.
  • Bin and pallet may be different colors.
  • 100% virgin polyethylene construction adds impact resistance for maximum strength.
  • Exclusively-designed “R” lip and rounded edges resist cracking for greater durability.
  • Nestable design reduces storage space and shipping costs to save you money.
  • Smooth interior surfaces are easy to clean and allow for fast material transfer.
  • Made with FDA compliant polyethylene and pigments for safe use in regulated industries.
  • Wide variety of options allows you to customize your bin exactly as you want it.

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