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Save money over costly steel with these easy to clean, FDA-compliant polyethylene totes and hoppers built tough to last long and transfer materials quickly and effectively.

  • Lightweight, two-piece unit includes a polyethylene tank with lid set in a removable polyethylene base.
  • Heavy-duty, natural color tank with base and lid in color of your choice.
  • Sloped interior allows for easy and complete discharge of liquids, such as eggs, creams, sauces, syrups, gels, and oils.
  • Unlike stainless steel, this unit is rust-free and the polyethylene base reduces damage to floors and walls.
  • Accommodates either a non-aseptic liner or disposable aseptic liner for sterile use.
  • Eliminates high disposal costs and monthly purchases of corrugated containers while providing a more durable vessel.
  • Holds the equivalent of four 55-gallon drums and available with an exposed valve or recessed valve for extra protection.
  • Dairy Valve Package includes gaskets and a stainless steel 2.5″ butterfly valve, two tri-clover clamps, and an end cap.
  • 100% virgin polyethylene construction adds impact resistance for maximum strength.
  • Stackable, space-saving design maximizes floor space.
  • Economical polyethylene saves money and is a long lasting alternative to steel.
  • Units fill from the top, discharge from the bottom, and smooth interior surfaces allow for fast material transfer and easy cleaning.
  • Made with FDA-compliant polyethylene and pigments for safe use in regulated industries.
  • Wide variety of options allows you to customize your tank exactly as you want it.

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Poly Totes and Hoppers Capacity
Width (in) Length (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs) Pricing
TOP-22 Includes exposed valve connector and snap-on style lid 220 45 45 48 175 Request Quote
TOP-RV Includes recessed valve connector and snap-on style lid 220 45 45 48 175 Request Quote
Accessories Weight (lbs)
Stainless Steel Dairy Valve Package – Includes (1) 2 1/2″ S/S Butterfly Valve, (2) S/S End Cap Clamps, (2) Buna Rubber Gaskets and (1) S/S End Cap 8.5 Request Quote
Polypropylene 2″ Food Grade Bulkhead Fitting n/a Request Quote
Stainless Steel 2 1/2″ Connecting Adapter n/a Request Quote

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TOP Series Totes Comparison Guide

Container comparison shows how the Tank on Pallet will save you money.

The Tank on Pallet (T.O.P.) was developed to eliminate the high disposal cost and monthly purchase of corrugated containers as well as provide an economical alternative to stainless steel totes. Learn more about how this product can save you money over stainless steel and other containers. Click here to view and print a full comparison guide.